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We're not afraid to show you how hard we will work for you.  As a way to earn the right to your business, we will provide you a complimentary Employee  Benefits Notice.  To get started, simply click on the link to download your Benefits Notices Generator Data Collection Booklet

There may be a better way


Do you ever feel like you're having to change insurance carriers every year?  The system is flawed and very reactionary.  Every year your rates go up and your forced to endure the time consuming process of getting new quotes.  What if you could find a long-term strategy approach to managing your benefits?  It's possible, and we know how.

A true partnership


No one every started a business because they wanted to buy health insurance.  Or for that matter, deal with HR, compliance, benefits, etc.

You get the idea

All of these things, although vital to our business, are distractions.  Distractions from why our businesses really exist.  Let us help you get back to what's really important to you.

Whether you have 5 employees or 5000, we have the tools to help.

Give us try, you;ll be glad you did.

Your customers get multiple bids, why don't you?


In the trades, it's normal to get multiple bids from different firms.  But when if comes to our benefits, inertia seems to be rule of the day.  Everyday, we hear, "I've worked with my broker a long time.  I guess I assumed that was as good as it got."

Since when was getting a second opinion a bad idea?

What they're saying...


The only way I can describe how much easier our lives are since we started working with Builder Benefits, is to  say there are true miracle workers.  If there is such a thing as concierge-level service in the benefits world, they are it.  Not only is  everything going smoother, they actually save us money.

Ron W.

Tucson, AZ

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If you're ready to get started, please complete the quote request form below and email it back to us.  You'll be very pleasantly surprised how simple your life is going to be.