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Your One-Stop Solution For Employee Benefits

When Results Matter -  it's time to take the guesswork out of your employee benefits planning

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Knowledge is Important...

But experience is vital.  You've always believed in letting professionals focus on the things they do best.  You'd never contract a plumber to roof a project.  Isn't it time to talk to someone that specializes specifically in your benefit & planning needs?  Finally, a partner that understands your business.


You'd never start a project without a plan

But for most firms, that's exactly what happens when it comes to designing and managing their benefits program.  Our clients are different.  Nothing is left to chance.  Are you ready to take control of your benefits dollars?


It's easier than you may think

We've built industry leading employee benefits programs to help our clients develop a long-term strategy to help manage their bottom line.  No more realizing you underbid a job because you just got a huge, unexpected rate increase.  Whether it's health insurance or any other area of benefits, we can help.  Pick up the phone or drop us a note  We can help, and we can start today. 

Light Years Ahead

Because of our expertise, Builder Benefits won't only keep you ahead of the competition when recruiting and hiring.  You'll become the competition.  Just think how much easier bidding on jobs will be when you know you attract and retain the caliber of staff that makes you the best in the industry.  Big or small, we can help.

Innovative Benefit Design + Installation

Ease of Use HR Management

Best-of-Class Employee Communications

Comprehensive Solutions

More Predictable Costs - Make Your Job Bidding Easier

Serving Building Professionals Since 1987

When results matter, industry professionals from all over turn to Builder Benefits.  

Why Builder Benefits?

You deserve nothing less than the best. Builder Benefits gives you professional, cutting-edge assistance to cater to all of your corporate and employee benefit planning needs.

When creating and overseeing a benefits program, it really is all about You. Your company is one-of-a-kind, and your benefits should reflect that uniqueness.
Employee benefits have evolved beyond just health insurance. With our innovative planning, we can assist you in finding the perfect balance between meeting your employees' needs and maximizing your bottom-line.
When discussing employee benefits, we focus on the 3 - R's: Recruiting, Retention, and Reward. In today's workplace, it requires more than just a salary to ensure employee satisfaction and happiness.

Builder Benefits Design Tools

Already have benefits and possibly a broker? Wondering why bother? Inertia can be the enemy of innovation. Consult our planning experts to explore potential improvements in your benefits strategy.